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This site presents activities and information that will enhance the social, cultural and educational opportunities of retirees from Lockheed Martin Corporation (including all business units and predecessor companies) and United Launch Alliance (independent of their original company affiliation). Membership benefits are open to retiree and spouse, individual retiree, or the surviving spouse of a retiree.

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April MARS STAR -  In addition to the electronic copy of the document  STAR2020Q2, the MARS officers have committed to publish a postal delivery hardcopy of the STAR, planned for mailing on May  27.

  Volunteers needed for MARS Officer positions. Please Read Further.

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Date TBD -- Next 2020 MARS Happy Hour

Cancelled -- Senior Recognition Luncheon

August 5, 2020 -- Rockies Game and Picnic

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Each month we will offer you a website that others have found interesting and/or informative. These sites will not be of an advertising nature but will hopefully be useful to members.  We welcome your suggestion for a website of the month (please provide URL) - email Jim Kummer ( The website committee will make the final selection of each month's site.

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Most Recent MARS Members' Obituaries
Patricia Ann Gilmore passed away May 25
Joseph Keeley passed away April 23
Larry Spletstoser passed away April 29
George Podrasky passed away April 28
June Massey passed away April 23
Robert Kingery passed away April 16
Twila Shirley passed away April 18

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