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This site presents activities and information that will enhance the social, cultural and educational opportunities of retirees from Lockheed Martin Corporation (including all business units and predecessor companies) and United Launch Alliance (independent of their original company affiliation). Membership benefits are open to retiree and spouse, individual retiree, or the surviving spouse of a retiree.

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July 14 -- Senior Recognition Luncheon

August 18 -- MARS Day at the Rockies

September 8 -- Annual Picnic

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Each month we will offer you a website that others have found interesting and/or informative. These sites will not be of an advertising nature but will hopefully be useful to members.  We welcome your suggestion for a website of the month (please provide URL) - email Jim Kummer ( The website committee will make the final selection of each month's site.

MONTH - offered by WEBSITE
by Website Committee
Income Tax Information: Federal -
    Colorado State -
               Resources for Free Tax Preparation
by Website Committee
Virtual Museum Tours
by Website Committee
Landing on Mars this Month is NASA's
Perseverance Rover

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Most Recent Retirees' Obituaries
Madeliene Maginn passed away April 4
Charles "Keith" Wanklyn passed away April 17
Thomas W. Johancen passed away April 9
Darlene Wanklyn passed away March 28

Jacob Huck passed away March 25
Richard John Kellogg passed away April 3
George Fosdick passed away March 30
Robert "Bob" Jones passed away March 25
John Weeks passed away March 24

Owen Bland "OB" Smith passed away March 10
Samuel "Sam" Lukens III passed away March 1

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