Dinner Club

                 By Becky and Gary Englebright


                Anita Kannady

We are pleased to offer dining venues for the next quarter.
Please make your reservations sooner rather than later if you wish to attend.
We continue to explore the restaurant scene, looking for new and interesting places in which to have lunch.

If you have a suggestion, please let us know, by email or by phone (please leave a message if we do not answer).


Contact Becky & Gary at 
303-973-4062 (H)
303-941-3167 (C)
or Anita at

Because of the unknowns associated with the COVID-19 Coronavirus, for future events we want to change how you pay for them.  We are asking that you write a check for each event, not multiple events.  Couples and groups only need to write one check per event.  The reason for this is that, when we get reservations for upcoming events, we will log that you want to go to the event but will hold your check.  When we know the event will go as scheduled, we will cash your check.  If the event is cancelled, we will either return or shred your check depending on your desire.  We are modifying the reservation forms to allow you to indicate which you prefer.

We hope to see more of you joining us for dinner or lunch this year. It is a great chance to rekindle friendships or make new friends with whom you already have something in common. 

A final thought:  "I get way too much happiness from good food." Elizabeth Olsen.

                              Flyers Of Upcoming Events                                              

Monday, September 19 - Lunch at Black-Eyed Pea

Monday, October 31 - Maggiano's Little Italy

Click on a flyer below to get a printable version


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