December, 2009
MARS Photography Club Charter

The purpose of the MARS Photography Club is to provide enjoyment to the members through photographic activities such as field trips and competitions, to upgrade technical and creative skills, to share knowledge and experiences, to provide photographic support to the MARS Star staff, and to develop friendships through common interests. Programs of photographic interest are presented at most meetings by either guests or members. These presentations and theme photo competitions are the primary activities at the meetings. Judges are either club members or invited judges.

The Photography Club is one of the activities of MARS Associates. The purpose is to provide mutual enjoyment through the common interest of photography. We endeavor to improve our photographic technical skills, share knowledge and travel experiences, and develop friendships.
The club is open to all MARS Associates’ members in good standing. There are no club dues to belong to the MARS Photography Club. The cost of club activities shall be borne by club members.
Regularly scheduled meetings will be conducted. Typical meetings may include:
The officers of the club shall consist of a President, a Vice President, and a Secretary. They shall be nominated annually, at the last meeting of the Summer, and selected by voice vote at the next meeting. The President shall plan and conduct the meetings and activities of the club. The Vice-President of the club shall assist the President in planning activities and programs and act as president in his/her absence. The Secretary shall be responsible for club records. The club officers shall coordinate with the MARS Associates Activities Vice President any requested photographic support and attendant expenses.

Club Officers’ Responsibilities

  1. Conduct all club meetings
  2. Coordinate with club members to cover MARS activities on behalf of the MARS STAR, if requested by the MARS Associates Activites VP.
  3. Appoint a club member as MARS STAR Liaison to coordinate club responsibilities, and interface with MARS STAR staff.
  4. Approve rules and guidelines for all competitive activities such as judged activities, exhibits, etc.
  5. Approve any proposed expenditure of money and coordinate approvals with the MARS Associates Activites VP.
  6. Plan programs that are consistent with normal club meetings.
  7. Plan and coordinate club activities, field trips, or educational programs as is appropriate.
Vice President
  1. Act for President in his/her absence.
  2. Assist president as required in planning activities, and preparing rules and guidelines for such activities.
  3. Assist President in preparing programs for regular club meetings
  4. Plan and organize special activities and provide technical assistance to members as required.
  5. Provide primary club liaison pertaining to club activities with the MARS Associates website.

  1. Maintain a record of all meetings’ activities (contests, exhibitions and awards, etc.) for the purpose of publication in the MARS STAR and in the MARS Associates’ annual report.
  2. Maintain current membership and contact list

Competition Rules

ENTRIES: At each photo competition each member participant may submit
up to three entries -- prints, in color or monochrome.
All prints shall be mounted and/or matted and the minimum image size shall be 4x6 in. while the total size shall not exceed 16x20 in. including mat and/or mount. Frames and/or glass are not allowed. A brief image title and entrant's name shall be placed in the upper right hand corner on the back. Award winning images, (1st, 2nd, 3rd and HM) from the previous two years may not be reentered in the competitions.
All entries for the competition must be placed for display at the beginning of the meeting to permit review by other members.
There must be at least 3 participants. If there are not at least 3 then the entries will only be critiqued but not judged, and can be reentered in future competitions.
JUDGING: The judge determines whether or not the image fits the specified subject for the competition. Members must refrain from comments and/or discussion during judging. Judging includes critique and initial screening for "IN", "HOLD" or "OUT" based on the judging elements of a photograph as defined below:
"IN" = Award consideration - an excellent photograph
"HOLD" = Award possibility - a very good photograph
"OUT" = No further consideration - a good to fair photograph
SUGGESTED ELEMENTS of a PHOTOGRAPH: Impact, Creativity, Use of Light
Composition and Technique.
AWARD SELECTION: The judge selects "1st place", "2nd place", "3rd place" and a number of "Honorable Mentions" based on the number of entries as indicated below
1-5 = None; 6-13 = One;. 14 or more = Two
The judge's decision is final.