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We are proud of MARS Associates and the people it represents. 
Our people volunteer for many worthwhile and varied activities.
If you know someone whose volunteer activities are
  noteworthy, contact us about their accomplishments:

Email MARS Associates <>

or postal mail to

MARS Associates,
Post Office Box 1128, Littleton, CO 80160-1128

The Vernon B. Selby Memorial
Volunteer Of The Year Award

  Read About the most recent winner of the Vern Selby Volunteer of the Year.

The Vernon B. Selby Memorial
Volunteer of the Year

    The MARS Associates Vernon B. Selby Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award recognition program is designed to acknowledge the accomplishments of MARS Associates members by their contemporaries.  Outstanding efforts and significant positive impacts to our communities through voluntary participation often go unrecognized.  Among the program's goals is to recognize members for their dedicated involvement that may have gone unnoticed.  This program is intended to encourage participation and recognition of our membership.  The Volunteer of the Year Award committee, composed of MARS Associates representatives, votes to select a member each year based on outstanding voluntary contributions to a non-profit community based organization.  The recipient will be selected and recognized from a pool of peer-submitted nominees by the membership.  The Vernon B. Selby Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award creates an opportunity for peer recognition and is designed to promote community involvement among the membership.

    The selection committee will be made up of four (4) volunteer MARS Associate members, one facilitator and three voting members.  All members are required to attend the selection committee session(s).

The nomination form will be delivered to the MAR members as an enclosure to the Winter issue of the MARS Star. There is no limit as to the number of nominations that may be submitted.  However, only one Vernon B. Selby Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award will be awarded.  A maximum of the top three runner-ups will be recognized in no particular order.  Any MARS Associate member in good standing can nominate a fellow member.  Nominations must be submitted for the previous calendar year in order for the Selection Committee to make its selection in a timely manner for the MARS Associates Annual Meeting.

    The nominating member(s) must complete the required nomination form which must be received by the  President of Business not later than February 13.

    The facilitator will arrange for the Selection Committee to meet and vote at a time convenient to the Committee at which each member must be present to vote. The facilitator will determine the deciding vote only in cases of unresolved debate, where his/her vote will serve as the deciding vote.

    Once a selection has been made, a Selection Committee representative will notify the nominator such that arrangements may be made for the presentation at the MARS Associates Annual Meeting.  All attempts will be made to maintain secrecy of the award to the winner.  The winner will be encouraged to attend the MARS Associates Annual Meeting if he/she/they have not planned to do so.

    The Vernon B. Selby Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award will consist of a check in the amount of $100, and an individual trophy (personalized). A photograph and article of the Vernon B. Selby Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award winner will be placed in the April Issue of the MARS STAR newsletter immediately following the annual meeting.  The VP of Business will be responsible for ensuring that the awards, narrative for recognition, and photographs are coordinated for the event and newsletter.

    Presentation of the Vernon B. Selby Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award will be made jointly by the MARS Associates President and Vice President of Business at the MARS Associates Annual Meeting.

  • Success of efforts/impact to the community
  • Duration of sustained efforts
  • Number of different activities
  • People affected by efforts
  • Degree of difficulty
  • Time spent
    Mail the completed nomination form to MARS Associates, P. O. Box 1128, Littleton, CO 80160-1128


Income Tax Preparation

    Volunteers are needed for income tax preparation at no charge for low and moderate income taxpayers. Each year we deploy volunteers at various locations throughout the greater metropolitan Denver area. The primary location  is St Johns Cathedral in Littleton, where we operate Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm , accepting clients who need help with their tax preparation. This volunteer activity is from February 1 through April 15 each year.

    You must take an open book test and achieve at least an 80% score. Training is conducted at St. Johns Cathedral. You will be trained in January in both the Federal and State laws. Also, you will be trained in using the Tax Wise software, the IRS software. We serve over 1800 clients each year. We are open Monday through Friday each week during the tax season. You can volunteer for one day or as many days as you have time for.  All returns are quality checked.

    Please call Art Rosener, 303-763-8022, for more information and to express desire to volunteer.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science
The Museum has numerous opportunities for volunteering.  These include both out-front and behind-the-scenes activities. For details, go to their website,

ArtReach Volunteer Program
   The ArtReach Volunteer Program provides the support for ArtReach that enables the organization to continue to provide arts and cultural experiences to at-risk and undeserved populations. Volunteers are drawn from all segments of the community, including artists, clients, and service organizations. Our goal is to meet the varied needs of our volunteers, considering work schedules, family obligations and personal needs. We aim to understand and respect our volunteers because of the commitment, dedication and professionalism they give to ArtReach. 
You can learn more about ArtReach and volunteer opportunities on their website or contact Nick Brushaber at 303-433-2882 ext 222.

Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus
    Help out and have a blast while doing it! Volunteer at the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus and help us create a community that is focused on learning through play. To find out about both in front or back of house or event opportunities, please visit our website at Rachel Hautzinger, Volunteer Program Specialist (303-561-0102), for more details. The Marsico Campus is located at 2121 Children's Museum Drive.

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