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Do you have an interesting anecdote, incident or experience from your career with heritage Glenn L.Martin, Martin Marietta Corporation, General Dynamics, Lockheed Corporation or Lockheed Martin or ULA programs that might be of general interest to MARS members?  Retirees are encouraged to submit articles for publication on this website.  Articles may be submitted in any form - handwritten, typed (mail to MARS Associates, Post Office Box 1128, Littleton, CO 80160-1128), or emailED to MARS VP Communications - and the historian committee will review the article. Please include a suggested title and keep the articles to less than 2 type written pages for each incident/experience - no autobiographies, please!  Articles of particular interest may be published in the quarterly MARS STAR, with the author’s permission, with editing as necessary for size limitations.  Submitters are encouraged to include photos or drawings that enhance their article, as these can usually be scanned and included with the article on the web site.

Author  Upload Date 
01  Mel Taylor and His Tech Rep Experiences           Worman/Taylor 2/2/01
02 Short History of the Waterton Factory
Rocky Mountain News
03Lockheed Burbank Plant Camouflaged during WW2Internet4/11/09
Retired Stress Analysts Celebrate 10 Years
Tom Nelson
Lockheed Group Honors Dedicated Servant
Michoud Newspaper
GLM's First Flight (?)
Lockheed-Vega Newsletter

Previous HISTORIAN'S CORNER Articles in the MARS STAR                      Select the Date to View the Article

July 2019
Apollo 9 and 10, et. al.
Barb Sande
Apr 2019
New Historian - Barb Sande - First Article
Barb Sande
Oct 2018
The Martin 'Sports' Company
Bill Cossaboom
Jul 2018
PEPP Program Summary (continued)
Raymond Ziehm
Apr 2018
PEPP Program Summary
Raymond Ziehm
Jan 2018 USAF Manned Orbiting Laboratory Early Flight Test on Titan IIIC-9 Brian Etheridge
Oct 2017 The Bendix Takeover Battle Bill Cossaboom
Jul 2017 A Mishap at Marysville Raymond Ziehm
Apr 2017 Where Are We?? [Locating the Mars Lander]
Parker Stafford
Jan 2017 Unsung Greatness [Gerald Hollenbeck]
Raymond Ziehm
Oct 2016 A President Visits Martin Marietta
Bill Cossaboom
Jul 2016 The Viking Mars Lander Cameras
Vincent Corbett
Apr 2016 Recalling the Viking Mars Lander Mission
Dr. Ben Clark and Ray Ziehm
Jan 2016 The Martin Maurader B-26 Bomber and D-Day 1944
Sidney Russak
Oct 2015 Titan Systems Effectiveness: An Organization Ahead of Its Time
Bill Cossaboom
Jul 2015 Manned Maneuvering Unit - The Russians Had One Too
Paul Bingham
Apr 2015 Interesting Events and Lessons Learned in Early Aerospace Activities
Raymond Ziehm
Jan 2015 A Photo Review of Early Denver Facility Construction / Titan I Firings
Raymond Ziehm
Oct 2014 Dawn of a New Day - Process Improvements Arrive
Bill Cossaboom
Jul 2014 Keeping Rockets Alive: Two Phases of My Aerospace History Joseph Keeley
Apr 2014 Historian's Corner: I Start at Glenn L. Martin Company
Raymond Ziehm
Jan 2014 Titan II (23G) from Denver to Vandenberg
Wesley Keith
Oct_2013 Early Days: A Colorado / Littleton Snapshot
Bill Cossaboom
Jul 2013 The External Tank Program
Joe Marcus
Apr 2013 Atlas Centaur Sale and Transition to Martin Marietta
Ed Bock
Oct_2012 Memories - Back Then
Jim Rivers
Apr 2012 Commercial Atlas
Ed Bock
Oct 2011 Space Program Animal Heroes
Bill Cossaboom
Jul 2011 The Space Culture's Uniqueness
Jim Rivers
Apr 2011 The Atlas ICBM
Ed Bock
Jan 2011 Unveilling the Mysteries of Saturn
Barb Sande
Jul 2010 The Silent Hero's Silent Heroes
Jim Rivers
Jan 2010 MGS is Dead. Long Live the MGS !
Ben Clark
Oct 2009 From P5M-2 to Viking
Carlos de Moraes
Jul 2009 Fall 1975 - Space Shuttle or Else!
Jim Rivers
Apr 2009 Atlas History
Ed Bock
Jul 2007 Mars Global Surveyor
Matt Grogan
Oct 2006 Atlas/Centaur Launch Vehicles
Matt Grogan
Jul 2006 Titan II Follow-up
Matt Grogan
Apr 2006 The Titan Program
Matt Grogan
Jan 2006 Book: Biography of Neil Armstrong
Matt Grogan
Oct 2005 The PRIME Program
Matt Grogan
Jul 2005 The X24-B
Matt Grogan
Apr 2005 The F-104 Starfighter
Matt Grogan
Jan 2005 Collier Trophy Awards
Matt Grogan
Oct 2004 The Martin B-10 Bomber
Matt Grogan
Jul 2004 First Edition of the MARTIN STAR
Matt Grogan
Oct 2003 Relationship between the Wright Brothers and Glenn L Martin
Matt Grogan
Jul 2003 Interesting Emails from Retirees
Matt Grogan

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