MARS Associates

 Hiking Club

Point of Contact:

Sue Janssen at or 303-936-8339

Ours is a gathering of like-minded MARS members who enjoy hiking and desire to share the experience with others. We plan to conduct a sponsored hike each month, on the third Wednesday. Twice a year, in the Spring and the Fall, we will hold a planning meeting to address organizational issues and plan for the forthcoming season. Each hike event will be overseen by a member point of contact. We have no insurance, so members will be required to sign a waiver for each hike.

You must RSVP to the Point of Contact (POC) at least 2 days before the hike.  The POC will provide you with additional information. These hikes are generally rated as easy to intermediate.   Read the descriptions to evaluate your readiness to enjoy the outing. Please check this webpage at your convenience to be sure you have the latest information.

October 16, 2019, Sandstone
Vickie Eberhart has arranged for a hike for October 16 at Sandstone Ranch.. This will be a guided hike. The Natural Resource Specialist, Jackie Sanderson,.will be arranging for your guide.  Please contact Jackie <>  with any questions about your group's hike.

September 18, 2019, Centenial Cone

August 28, 2019, Grays and/or Torreys

July 19, 2019, Straight Creek
Hello Hikers!  The upcoming July hike scheduled for July 17 is up Straight Creek.  This hike starts at 11,150 and gradually climbs to 12,600.  The trail head is the west side of the Johnson Eisenhower Tunnel.  Normally this time of year the wildflowers are spectacular.  The snow pack hasn't totally left but I am hoping by the 17th everything will be clear.  We will meet at Wooly Mammoth Park and Ride Section EE at 6:15 for a 6:30 departure.  The reason for such an early start is this hike is all above timberline and we don't want to get caught in any lightning storms.  On the way up we will stop at the Georgetown Visitor Center.  The after hike is yet to be decided.  This hike is 6 miles and 1,500 ft of elevation gain.  It is basically the same as the Silver Dollar Lake hike.  Please bring your sunscreen, rain gear, lunch along with the other 10 essentials.  You may also like poles and traction devices.  The traction device may help if we have to navigate a snowfield.  We will make real time decisions on to proceed or not if the conditions warrent. 


June 19, 2019, Alderfer / Three Sisters Park

May 15, 2019, Dawson
Butte Ranch Trail

March 27, 2019,
Painted Mines

February 20, 2019,
Echo Lake

January 16, 2019,
Meyers Ranch
Open Space

Hikers must complete the Liability Waiver Form

Participants must wear appropriate footwear (no sandals please) and carry their own pack.
Remember the scouting motto – “Be prepared” – and carry the “10 Essentials.”
1.    Navigation (map and compass or GPS and know how to use them)
2.    Sun protection (sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, lip balm)
3.    Insulation (dress in layers –it can rain or snow any day in Colorado)
4.    Illumination (headlamp/flashlight)
5.    First-aid supplies (take good care of your feet)
6.    Fire (waterproof matches/lighter/candles)
7.    Repair kit and tools (pocket knife, duct tape, extra batteries, etc.)
8.    Nutrition (snacks and food)
9.    Hydration (water - lots of it)
10.    Emergency shelter (such as a space blanket)
You may also wish to add toilet paper, hand sanitizer, garbage bag, camera, whistle, extra socks, medication, pen and paper or sketchbook, insect repellant and a handkerchief.  But don’t make your pack too heavy!

If you don’t own snowshoes you can rent them at lots of places including REI, Sports Authority, and Christy Sports.  Poles are optional, but sometimes helpful.

We will be in the “backcountry” during the winter – be prepared for adverse weather and winter driving conditions.  Before heading out, check road conditions by calling “511” or  Check with CAIC at

COSAR CARD (Optional)

Purchase your Colorado Search and Rescue Card at Roxborough State Park Visitor Center (or other locations). The cost is $3.00 for one year and $12.00 for five years.

If you wish to join the MARS Hiking Club, please contact Sue Janssen at or 303-936-8339.  Provide your email address and phone number.

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