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July 20
The Kickoff meeting presentation is available for your review
Congratulations to 2016 Most Improved Player
Don Purkey
Bob Spada, Director of Golf at Broken Tee, has asked that we tee off on the first tee at our scheduled tee times versus as soon as the previous group is out of range. Bob says he thinks that will alleviate potential "jams" on some of the holes, like #5. This new procedure does not change the course's and our club's admonition to "keep up with the group in front". Please continue to do that to the best of your ability. Thanks.
The League Bylaws have been updated

MARS Golf has implemented a local rule defining some unmarked rough areas as Lateral Hazards. They are:
Hole 6 Right of cart path to the fence
Hole 17 Right of cart path

The MARS Associates Golf Club accommodates men and women of all levels of golfing ability through the use of the Colorado Golf Association handicap system.  Membership in MARS Retirees is required in order to join the golf club.   Beginning in 2016 the league began playing only one course - Broken Tee in Englewood. Play begins the first Thursday in April and continues through the last Thurday in October. Numerous formats are used to allow for both individual play and for team events.

Club members can count on playing every week. Pairings accommodate the considerable amount of travel and other activities of busy retirees. If you are unable to play in your scheduled event, just let your co-chairman for that event know and a substitute will be found, if possible.

The MARS Golf Member Guide will tell you everything you need to know about the league. To join the league at any time during the year, contact one of the officers.

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Our league has worked hard over the last five years to improve our pace of play. Broken Tee golf course is very satisfied with our pace of play. However, do not get complacent! Follow the League Pace of Play Guidelines!


Broken Tee expects us to meet their requirements for Pace of Play.
- Expected time for a round is 4:20.
The tee time interval alternates 8/9 minutes. Given a start time and the number of foursomes, an expected finish time can be calculated. Let's shoot to stay under that time!

We need to keep focused on keeping up with the foursome in front.

Please remember to write down start, turn and end times in the spaces provided on the scorecard.

We need to be at the first tee 10 minutes early.

We need to record our start and stop times. Please record the time you complete the first 9 holes. Use an accurate watch to record times - a GPS or cell phone are very accurate.

We need to keep focused on keeping up with the foursome in front.

Review the rules! Review the rules! Review the rules! 
League Rules
Please review the Pace of Play Guidelines

We need to keep focused on keeping up with the foursome in front.

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July 13
2 Team Best Ball

Don Williams
Virtual Player
* last 6 tie breaker

Tom Cooke
Virtual Player



John Mitchell
Don Johnson
* last 6 tie breaker


Closest To The Pin#7 Tom Ripper#17 Paul Betthauser

July 20

Individual Stroke Play

Frank Garred
Bob McFarland

Bob Bowe

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